Betty Blokk-buster Follies 1976

A film record of Reg Livermore's successful one-man stage show, featuring characters and sketches centred around Bettyy Blokk-Buster, a bare-bummed German maid who entertained the troops during the war. Flashing her bum at the audience was the capper gag for the routine. Livemore's other characters included Vaseline Amylnitrite, a football star who joins the Australia Ballet, and an old man who recalls his youth as a trendy male model.

Rock Follies 1976

Rock Follies, and its sequel, Rock Follies of '77, was a musical drama shown on British television in the 1970s. The storyline, over 12 episodes and two series, followed the ups and downs of a fictional female rock band called the "Little Ladies" as they struggled for recognition and success. The series starred Rula Lenska, Charlotte Cornwell and Julie Covington as the Little Ladies, with support from Emlyn Price, Beth Porter, Sue Jones-Davies, Stephen Moore and Little Nell among others. The series was made with a very low budget for Thames Television, with a style inspired by fringe theatre. The series was a success, winning three BAFTA Awards and the soundtrack album reaching No.1 in the UK Charts.

D.C. Follies 1987

D.C. Follies is a syndicated sitcom which aired from 1987–1989 and was set in a Washington, D.C. bar, where bartender Fred Willard would welcome puppet caricatures of that day's politicians and celebrities. The humor tended to be on the satirical side, often taking potshots at politicians and the political process. Although Willard was the only live actor appearing regularly, each episode brought a celebrity guest into the bar, such as Martin Mull, Robin Leach, Bob Uecker, and Betty White. In one episode, Robert Englund showed up as his Freddie Kruger character, and in a special Christmas episode an un-billed actor played Santa Claus. Another episode had Mike Tyson confront his own puppet character. The show was believed to be inspired by the British series Spitting Image. It was syndicated in many markets, although it often aired at odd hours, making it difficult for the show to build a following. It was produced by Sid and Marty Krofft.

The Six O'Clock Follies 1980

The Six O'Clock Follies is an American military sitcom that aired on NBC from April 24, 1980 to September 13, 1980.

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