Miss 420 1998

As Agent Miss 420 springs into action defeat a group of terrorists, she is killed. A reporter intends to investigate the possible connection to the underworld and is kidnapped, so those closest to her attempt a rescue!

Evil Bong 420 2015

Polish your balls and head to the lanes. Rabbit has escaped the Evil Bong’s World of Weed, and has opened a topless bowling alley. It’s the Grand Opening and the balls are rolling, the boobs are bouncing and the weed is plentiful. When his old friends, Larnell and Sarah Leigh stop by to help him celebrate his wacky new business venture, things are finally looking up for Rabbit, right? Wrong! Evil Bong is hot on Rabbit’s trail. With the help of the murderous Gingerdead Man, they crash the most balls out party of the century. But Gingerdead Man has plans of his own when he learns that the secret to becoming a real man is getting his cookies off.

Mr & Mrs 420 2014

Deputy (Binnu Dhillon) wants to be an actor like Dharmander but has to settle for playing Saroopnakha (character) in the local Ramlila because of the lack of opportunity. His friend Jass(Jassi Gill) is unemployed and in love with a girl who will only marry if he finds a job. Their families feel humiliated because of them. Both of them decide to join their friend Palli (Yuvraj Hans) in a town in search for a better future and to prove themselves. The big problem they didn't realize is that this cannot be done until they have a place to stay. Then comes Babu (Babble Rai), friend of Palli, to their rescue, but this also does not last long because of their partying one night. Homeless, and jobless, they decide to look for a cheap accomodation. The one they find only allows married couples to stay. So they lie about their marital status, and somehow Palli and Jass convince Babu and Deputy to play their wives for getting roof over their heads. What follows is confusion and a lot of comedy

Uyarthiru 420 2011

A conman falls for the girl he was deceiving and decides to work as an honest man. While working in a hotel, he discovers that his boss is being troubled by a high profile man and plans to help him by conning the man.

42nd Street

Original Broadway production filmed for Japanese television. Based on the novel by Bradford Ropes and the subsequent 1933 Hollywood film adaptation, the show focuses on the efforts of famed dictatorial Great White Way director Julian Marsh to mount a successful stage production of a musical extravaganza at the height of the Great Depression.

Miracle on 42nd Street 2017

The story of Manhattan Plaza, the renowned experiment in subsidized housing catering to people in the arts. Numerous celebrities pay homage to the impact the building had on their lives and careers.

Shree 420 1955

Wearing torn Japanese shoes, English trousers, a red Russian cap, and a Hindustani heart, orphaned Ranbir Raj comes to Bombay to make his fortune. He pawns his gold medal, gambles with the money, loses everything, & the balance is pick-pocketed. He ends up on the beach, meets with Vidya Shastri, a teacher who runs a private school, and both fall in love. Ranbir gets a job in a laundry. When he goes to deliver some clothes to Maya, she notices that he has a way with cards, gets him to accompany her to a casino of sorts, where he wins Rs.20000/-, which unfortunately is pocketed by Maya. Then a rich industrialist, Sonanand Dharmachand, approaches Ranbir, hires him to work for him, and soon Ranbir is on his way to a wealthy life. Vidya gets a first hand look at this wealthy life, and decides to break up with him. Sonachand teaches Ranbir that in order to make money one must never discriminate between the rich and poor...

420 - The Documentary

Celebrated worldwide, 420 has become the universal slang for "marijuana," but few knew how the term originated-until now!

Fleshpot on 42nd Street 1973

A street whore desperately seeks love and acceptance against the backdrop of the criminal element of early 1970s Times Square.

420 High Desert Way 2011

With the High Desert drug game getting out of control, the police are forced to use an undercover street-cop to infiltrate the extreme world of drugs and violence. With his new identity, D-Dogg must prove himself by mastering the criminal way of life. However, his cover is about to be blown when the drug lord gets word of the disloyalty in his camp.

42nd Street Hood 1957

In this film, a policeman stops a young man, and searches him. He then strips the young man, who gets his gun and forces the policeman to strip. Homoerotic wrestling ensues.

Goodbye 42nd Street 1986

Shots of walking down 42nd Street showing storefronts including everything from Texas Fried Chicken to 25cent porn arcades.

Chronic-Con, Episode 420: A New Dope 2015

In response to Morgan Spurlock's COMIC-CON: A FAN'S HOPE, comedian Doug Benson (SUPER HIGH ME) stars in this doc that looks at San Diego Comic-Con from his hazy perspective. Featuring fellow pot and film fanatics Kevin Smith, Brian Posehn, Joe Rogan and even Spurlock himself, it's a fun look at a rapidly growing cultural event.

Riot on 42nd St. 1987

Tough ex-con Glenn Barnes gets paroled from prison after serving a sentence for manslaughter. Glenn plans to reopen his old nightclub the Garage on 42nd Street. Vicious rival nightclub owner Farrell threatens to take drastic measures if Glenn goes through with his plan. After all the employees get massacred by Farrell's flunkies on opening night, Glenn reverts back to his brutish criminal ways to exact a harsh revenge on Farrell and his men.

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