The Holy Mountain 1926

Leni Riefenstahl made her film debut in this "mountain film" by writer/director Arnold Fanck, and went on to appear in five more under his direction. In Der Heilige Berg she plays the professional dancer Diotima who finds herself the apex of a love triangle when she is pursued by two mountain climbers, Vigo (Ernst Petersen) and his unnamed older friend (Luis Trenker).

The Holy Mountain 1973

A Mexican master leads a Christ figure and other disciples to a mountain of immortal wise men.

The Gay, the Negro and the Holy Mountain 2014

"In the beginning, my first documentary was meant to be a portrait of the president of the carnival club in my home village. During the filming, it went clear very fast, that my protagonist was wearing a mask not only at Carnival. He lives a double life. I gradually realized that this film project has a lot in common with my own history too. I discovered parallels between the story of the carnival president and mine. The originally planned, straight forward portrait, turned into an essay on home in general and an ethical lesson in film making. The director became the protagonist and the protagonist a director." - Dave D. Leins

Den fantastiska historien med Berg och Meltzer 2018

Berg and Meltzer goes traveling through time to find out how Swedish women have lived and worked in a historic perspective. The girls picks up a few of the puzzle pieces that's been hidden, forgotten and gotten tucked away by kings and war.

Ett jobb för Berg 2015

Carina Berg works for some of Sweden's most beautiful stars. She follows each step and obey the dictates of the supervisors. As a fly pasting the Carina firm to learn all about the job and the person she follows, both at work and at home.

Mellom bakkar og berg 2015

Ola and Kari Nordmann has been replaced by a multitude of humorous characters played by Espen Eckbo, Lene Kongsvik Johansen, Odd-Magnus Williamson, Henrik Thodesen and Kevin Vågenes in the new show Mellom bakkar og berg - a humorous twist on the national treasure Norge rundt.

The Gertrude Berg Show 1961

The Gertrude Berg Show is an American sitcom that aired on CBS from October 4, 1961 to April 5, 1962. The series centers on Sarah Green, played by Gertrude Berg, a 62-year-old widow who enrolls to college.

Bergerac 1981

Bergerac is a British television show set on Jersey. Produced by the BBC in association with the Seven Network, and first screened on BBC1, it stars John Nettles as the title character Detective Sergeant Jim Bergerac, a detective in Le Bureau des Étrangers, part of the States of Jersey Police.

Världens Tuffaste Jobb Med Carina Berg 2017

Carina Berg tests some of the world's most dangerous, craziest and strangest jobs. Carina picks up her sleeves, challenges her fears and tests the job most of us would never dream about - or even knew.

Der Bergdoktor 1992

Der Bergdoktor is a German-Austrian medical drama television series, broadcast in 96 episodes between 1992 and 1997.

Aber Bergen 2016

Aber Bergen is an entertaining courtroom drama about the recently separated , but for the time being professional partners, Erik Aber and Elea Bergen. They are two of the country's sharpest defense attorneys, who together with an unorthodox team lawyers have built up a reputable law firm, where they attempt to balance professional and private as they are thrown between moral, political and legal dilemmas.

Die Bergretter 2009

Die Bergwacht is a German mountain rescue television series, broadcast since 26 November, 2009 on ZDF.

Les berges 2014

To celebrate his 23rd birthday, Jonathan organizes a party with his girlfriend, his best friend, and his younger brother on a remote, uninhabited island in the mouth of the St. Lawrence River. As the evening wears on and the four friends become progressively drunker, Jonathan, in a show of bravado, pitches the keys of the boat into the river. The following day, after a fruitless search for the keys, the four friends realize that they are stranded on a deserted island, with a few bags of chips and very little fresh water, out of sight of civilization.

Sebastian Bergman 2010

Sebastian Bergman is a Swedish police procedural television series, based on two novels by duo Hjorth Rosenfeldt. It stars Rolf Lassgård as the eponymous hero, a criminal profiler with personal problems. It was originally broadcast on Swedish television in 2010, and a subtitled version was shown on the UK's BBC Four in 2012. Bergman is an experienced psychologist who, at the start of the series, has effectively retired from police work. With a reputation as a womaniser, he has for some years been recovering from the loss of his wife and child in the 2004 Indian Ocean earthquake and tsunami. A chance encounter with a former police colleague, Torkel Höglund, results in his being taken on as a consultant to assist in a murder case. Bergman at first gets on badly with the young female detective Vanya with whom he has to work, and is subsequently shocked to discover that she is his illegitimate daughter from a relationship he has almost forgotten. Seeing this as an opportunity to make up for the death of his daughter, he slowly begins to rebuild his career.

The Hard Times of RJ Berger 2010

The Hard Times of RJ Berger was an American television comedy series created by David Katzenberg and Seth Grahame-Smith for MTV. The show's central character is RJ Berger an unpopular sophomore at the fictional Pinkerton High School in Ohio who has an exceptionally large penis. Berger's two best friends are Miles Jenner, whose ambitions for popularity cause him to clash with Berger, and goth girl Lily Miran, who has been lusting after Berger for several years. Berger's love interest is Jenny Swanson, a cheerleader who is involved with Max Owens, a popular jock and bully. The show is presented as a coming of age story and has been described by Katzenberg and Grahame-Smith as a blend of the television series The Wonder Years and the film Superbad. The pilot episode premiered on June 6, 2010, and the first season of 12 episodes concluded August 23, 2010. MTV renewed The Hard Times of RJ Berger for a second season, which premiered on March 24, 2011, and concluded on May 30, 2011, but canceled the show that August.

Gouden Bergen 2015

A comic drama about six rich women in crisis who do everything to stay alive to their booth.

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