Dinky Doodle in Lost and Found 1926

The animator tries to lose Dinky Doodle and Weakheart in the countryside. But they're kidnapped and taken to the moon by a witch. They finally get back to earth to take their revenge against their creator.

Found 2017

A group of experts fan out across the nation to investigate unexplained objects found by ordinary people in their own backyards across America. They study the objects, test them, date them, and deliver real answers about the object's origins.

Lost & Found

Lost & Found is a new ten part documentary series that sets about reuniting families, uncovering cultural identity and discovering lost family heritage. Each week seasoned investigative journalist David Lomas, along with a specialist search team of genealogists and researchers, tackles the cases of up to three seekers who are on an emotional journey to discover their family members and cultural pasts that they have not been connected to. Lost & Found is real, raw and - at times - heartbreaking as each episode showcases a basic primal need – just how important it is to know who we are and where we’ve come from. Tissues advised.

History's Lost & Found

History's Lost and Found is a television show from the History Channel first aired in 1999. Each episode is divided into different segments concerning a different "lost" item or artifact from history. Most of the time, the segments do not relate. Each segment runs around 7 minutes and in this time we learn the history, of several famous lost artifacts such as the flags from the Battle of Iwo Jima, and other not so famous artifacts like the first TV Dinner tray. Each segment ends with information on where this item is located. Some segments were reused in other episodes. Episodes of the show were released on VHS in 2001 and the first episode has been released on DVD. 2000 was the big year for the series as most of the episodes were created and aired during that year, but a few new episodes aired 4 years later in 2004. The series is based on the book "Lucy's Bones, Sacred Stones and Einstein's Brain" by Harvey Rachlin. The series was produced by Atlas Media Corporation. Executive Producer: Bruce David Klein

I Found The Gown

I Found The Gown is a reality series on TLC set at VOWS Bridal Outlet, a discount bridal store in Watertown, Massachusetts. The show chronicles owners Rick and Leslie DeAngelo hunting for discounted dresses in factory attics, boutique back rooms, and department store warehouses across the world while brides search VOWS for the perfect wedding dress at a significantly reduced price. The designer gowns featured on the show, including Vera Wang and Monique Lhuillier, are typically sold at 50 to 80 percent off the retail price. The show premiered on August 24, 2012, and was renewed for a second season, which began on April 19, 2013. It airs new episodes on Fridays at 10/9c and 10:30/9:30c.

Founding Brothers 2002

Examines six moments when the collision and collusions of Washington, Franklin, Hamilton, Jefferson, Adams, Madison and Burr left an indelible imprint on the nation.

The Foundation 1984

The Foundation is a TVB television series, premiered in 1984. Theme song "In Dream Several Sorrow" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Michelle Pau, and the sub theme song "I Cannot See My Tears Flow" composition and arrangement by Joseph Koo, lyricist by Wong Jim, sung by Michelle Pau.

The Foundation

The Foundation is a Canadian television sitcom, airing on Showcase in the 2009-10 television season. Created and produced by Michael Dowse, the show stars Mike Wilmot as Michael Valmont-Selkirk, the crooked and corrupt director of a philanthropic foundation. The cast also includes Martin Sims, Rebecca Northan, Yvan Ponton, Paul Spence, Michael Sinelnikoff and Martha Burns.

Better Life Foundation 2016

A documentary crew follows a group of five passionate NGO workers and a reluctant volunteer, trying to make the world a better place.

Legend of Yuan Empire Founder

Legend of Yuan Empire Founder is an upcoming Chinese television series based on the life of Kublai Khan and the events leading to the founding of the Mongol-led Yuan Dynasty in China. Filming started in 2011 and the series is expected to be released in 2013. The series is directed by Tsui Siu-ming and stars Hu Jun as Kublai Khan, with Charmaine Sheh, Wu Yue, Zhang Jingda, Tang Guoqiang and Ray Lui as part of the supporting cast.

Founding Emperor of Ming Dynasty

Founding Emperor of Ming Dynasty is a 2006 Chinese television series based on the life of Zhu Yuanzhang, the founding emperor of the Ming Dynasty.

Saki 2013

From the 2011 drama, Utsukushi Rinjin, Nakama Yukie reprises the character Saki. This time round, as Saki Amihama, she will be targeting men. With the facade of an angel, she draws men to her, only to lead them to a destructive end. Like a moth to the flame... but where is the line drawn between the saint and the devil?

Tweeny Witches 2004

Arusu believes in magic and it's power to do good in the world. Unfortunately for her, her fellow witches disagree, and use their powers for all sorts of neat tricks, like turning little sprites into their slaves. Realizing that this nightmare is a reality, Arusu sets out to change the ways of the witches, and gets up to some hilarious hijinks along the way. Note: Some releases of this show pair episodes together, so it actually is shown as only 26 episodes (20 TV and 6 OVAs)

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