In the Line of Duty 3 1988

In a bloody beginning, a pair of stylish Japanese thieves steal some valuable gems. In a harrowing scene, during their escape, they kill the partner of a ruffled detective (think Columbo with a Chuck Barris hairdo). The detective swears revenge, and the thieves played by the athletic and lovely Michiko Nishiwaki and her terminally ill partner/lover played by Stuart Ong plan on going to Hong Kong, sell the loot, and buy weapons for the Red Army. All the while Cynthia, a rookie cop in Hong Kong, tries to get in on the action of the task force she has been assigned to, but unfortunately her superior is her uncle who wants to keep her out of harms way. The Japanese thieves and the detective trailing them, all make their way to Hong Kong, and Cynthia ends up entangled in the same mess with the detective, trying to bring the cold blooded and desperate thieves to justice. People on both sides are killed, leading to crossed paths of personal revenge, everyone out for each others blood.

Wiang Roy Dao 2014

Roy Dao lived in American and was raised by an American parent after her biological mother passed away when she was a baby. She grow up into a young beautiful lady and came back to Thailand to inheritance her death father will, but She start to heard a mystery noise coming from Wiang Roy Dao, the place where Wiang Kaew (her biological mother) used to lived there when she was still alive. Roy Dao started to go investigated the voice that she heard and the communicated start happening to her, she see the spirit of Wiang Kaew coming to hunted everyone in the Badanto's House...

Plik Din Su Dao

Plik Din Su Dao is a 2006 musical/drama/romance TV series produced by Channel 7. It stars Sukollawat Kanarot, Khemanit Jamikorn, Tawin Yavapolkul, and Usamanee Vaithayanon.

Dao Pra Sook

Dao Pra Sook is a Thai lakorn which has been remade several times. The latest of which aired on Thailand's channel 7 in 1994 and was one of the most popular lakorns in the country. It starred Sornram Teppitak as Phak and Suvanant Kongying as Daoprasook. The plot is about a wealthy man who 'buys' a prostitute from a brothel and later falls in love with her. The shows were regarded by some as the most cliché soap opera in Thailand.

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