I Want to beat up Clark Peters 2015

A psychedelic, satirical exploration of college relationships, hook-up culture, and the hypocrisy of those looking for love. Charlie, a neurotic college student, seeks revenge after his hook-up starts hooking-up with someone else.

Peters Club

The Peters Club was an early Australian television series for which very little information is available on the Internet. It reportedly debuted in 1958, and aired on GTV-9. At the time, many Australian TV series were only broadcast on a single station instead of being networked, which may have also been the case with the series. Cast included Rod McLennan, Judy Banks & Joff Ellen. The now-defunct Truth newspaper gave it an award for "Best Children's Show - Melbourne Television". Notably, it was produced by Crawford Productions. The title is possibly in reference to the sponsor. As was also the case with 1950s American television series, early Australian television series sometimes featured the name of the sponsor in the title. Other examples included The Dulux Show, Tarax Show, Shell Presents, Swallows Parade, The Astor Show, among others. There is no information available as to whether any episodes exist as kinescope recordings, the method used to record live television in Australia prior to the introduction of video-tape, as many live broadcasts of the era were not recorded.

Stranded with Cash Peters

Stranded with Cash Peters was a reality show/documentary on the Travel Channel created by British travel writer Cash Peters, in which he was dumped in an unfamiliar place with no money, food, or room for the night. He had to rely on the locals to show him around town, buy food for him, and give him a place to stay for the night. Each time-slot consisted of two 22 minute long episodes. It first aired on June 6, 2005, but was canceled after two seasons. Peters wrote about his experiences making the program in a 2009 book entitled Naked in Dangerous Places.

Gangster's Petersburg 2000

A Russian detective series, based on 8 works of Andrei Konstantinov ("lawyer", "Justice / Attorney-2", "The Thief / Journalist-2", "Writer", "Inventor / Writer-2", "The prisoner "," Cop "," Scavenger ") and four works by other writers.

The Murder of Laci Peterson 2017

Laci Peterson's disappearance, A&E Networks takes a fresh look at the case. A definitive factual account by those who lived and breathed it every day.

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