Aloha, the Little Vampire 1987

A little vampire runs away from home when he thinks his uncles are fighting over him - they're really fighting over his mom. He makes friends with some kids and helps them take care of a gang of bullies. The kids in turn help protect our little vampire from a man wanting to use him to cure his brother, who's turning into a western style vampire.

Justice Bao 2008

Justice Bao is a Mainland Chinese television series, starring Jin Chao-chun, Kenny Ho and Fan Hung-hsuan. The three actors first portrayed their respective characters in the 1993 Taiwanese hit Justice Bao. Lung Lung from the 1993 series also reprised his role.

Justice Bao

Justice Bao is a 236-episode television series from Taiwan, first airing on Chinese Television System from February 1993 to January 1994. The show stars Jin Chao-chun as the Chinese official Bao Zheng in the Song Dynasty. It was hugely popular in Greater China as well as many other countries in the Far East. The series was originally scheduled for just 15 episodes. However, the show garnered high ratings when the initial episodes aired. Due to its popularity, CTS expanded the show to 236 episodes. The TVB and ATV Home networks in Hong Kong both bought the series in an attempt to gain viewers. Competition between the two networks during the showing of the series was so severe that identical episodes were shown on both channels on the same night. It was also one of the first dramas that used NICAM technology.

Justice Bao

Justice Bao is a Mainland Chinese television series centering on the legendary Chinese official Bao Zheng. The show stars Jin Chao-chun, Kenny Ho, Fan Hung-hsuan and Wang Shasha. The first three - as well as actor Lung Lung - first portrayed their respective characters in the 1993 Taiwanese hit Justice Bao. Producer and lead actor Jin Chao-chun, who had purchased a movie studio in Qingdao solely to film the series, plans a 40-episode season each year until 2019. By that year he would have portrayed Bao Zheng for a total of 1000 episodes in his television career.

Invincible Shan Bao Mei 2008

Invincible Shan Bao Mei, also known as 我愛珊寶妹 / Woody Sambo is a romantic comedy Taiwanese Drama starring Nicholas Teo and Amber Kuo. It premiered on August 24, 2008, right after the half-episode conclusion of Fated To Love You. The peak point of 10.57 occurred during the commercial-free transition from Fated to Love You to Invincible Shan Bao Mei. Its first episode had an average rating of 7.25.

Bao-Bab, czyli zielono mi

Bao-Bab, czyli zielono mi was a Polish comedy television series, broadcast in 2003. 12 episodes were aired on TVP1. The series was directed by Jan Kidawa-Błoński and Krzysztof Lang.

V-Focus 2016

Chiang Chih Heng, a former mercenary now known as “The Bodyguard,” is the owner of Krisis, a security consultancy company that protects public figures who are chased by the paparazzi. Ting Ruo Chin is nicknamed the “Variety Queen” for her dogged ability to chase down celebrity gossip exclusives as a tabloid journalist for “V-Focus.” On their way to a news event, they become stranded on a desert island together. There they'll need to work together to survive and to make all the efforts to escape.

Lotus Lantern

Lotus Lantern is a Chinese animated feature film produced by Shanghai Animation Film Studio.

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