Return of the Sentimental Swordsman 1981

Li Xunhuan comes back to his home after three years of wandering. He had decided to have a normal life, but a group of skilled martial arts fighters and leaders are bent on killing him, so they can be ranked top by Bai Xiaosheng in his renowned list of the best warriors in the martial arts world. Li Xunhuan battles them as he searches for his estranged friend A'fei, who is now married and living in seclusion. Li asks A'fei to join forces and fight against a new threat that wants to rule the world: the Money Clan.

Da Qing Fengyun

Da Qing Fengyun, alternatively known as Qing Gong Fengyun, is a 2006 Chinese television series directed by Chen Jialin, starring Zhang Fengyi, Xu Qing and Jiang Wen. Set in the early Qing Dynasty, the story focuses on the romance between Dorgon and Empress Dowager Xiaozhuang.

Jiangshan Fengyu Qing

Jiangshan Fengyu Qing is a 2003 Chinese television series based on the novel of the same Chinese title by Zhu Sujin, who was also the screenwriter for the series. The series depicts the events in the transition of the Ming Dynasty to the Qing Dynasty in China, focusing on the lives of historical figures such as Li Zicheng, Wu Sangui, Chen Yuanyuan, the Chongzhen Emperor and Hong Taiji.

The X Factor: Ji Qing Chang Xiang

The X Factor: Ji Qing Chang Xiang was a Chinese version of the reality talent show The X Factor. It was broadcast on Liaoning Television in 2011 and 2012. The broadcasting rights in China were later purchased by Hunan Television as The X Factor: Zhongguo Zui Qiang Yin in 2013. The first season debuted on 28 July 2011. Judges were Angie Chai Chih-ping, Aduo and Chen Yufan, and it was hosted by Da Zuo and Shao Wenjie. In the final live show held on 30 September 2011, the winner was Li Shangshang.

The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty

The Rise and Fall of Qing Dynasty is a long-running four part television series about the history of the Qing Dynasty. The series was produced by Hong Kong's ATV and was aired on ATV Home from September 1987 to May 1992.

Once Upon a Time in Qingdao 2015

The series follows the lives of three brothers as they struggle through the turbulent political period before the war. They become part of the first-generation immigrant entrepreneurial path in Qingdao. The story began in 1904 when the Jinan Railway opened and ends with the outbreak of war in 1937.

The Legend of Chusen 2016

Can a man love a woman but still take down her father? Zhang Xiao Fan and his childhood friend Lin Jing Yu were the only survivors of the Grass Village massacre that wiped out both of their families. Taken in by the Qing Yun Sect, the boys were trained in the ways of the Immortal Sword. Xiao Fan falls in love with Bi Yao, the daughter of the Ghost King. But when the Ghost King tries to grow his power by overthrowing the Qing Yun Sect, Xiao Fan must choose between protecting his people and hurting the woman he loves.

When a Snail Falls in Love 2016

Detective Ji Bai and new criminal profiler Xu Xu may seem like an awkward teacher-student pair at first glance, yet they are actually the best partners in the police force, solving one crime after another. Ji Bai slowly falls in love with Xu Xu, yet she is a girl who is as slow as a snail when it comes to love. Just as Xu Xu starts to reciprocate Ji Bai's feelings, the dormant "Angel's Killer" reappears.

Love & Life & Lie 2017

Liu Xin Tong is a positive girl, living in a poor household. There was nothing out of the ordinary until she got into an accident that moved her and her mother into a rich businessman's house. There, she meets Li Yao Nan, her fated love along with two siblings that play important roles in her new life. She is met with multiple obstacles that she must overcome to ultimately keep her lover and friends, in addition to finding out the real truth about her birth.

Waking Love Up 2011

“Waking Love Up” is a 2011 Chinese drama directed by Shen Yi. It is a remake of the popular 2005 Taiwanese drama “The Prince Who Turns Into a Frog.” What happens when you lose your memory on the day of your engagement? Xiang Tian Qi is a hotel heir and CEO of the HaoLi Hotel Group who is about to get engaged to Mu Zhi Qing, the hotel’s PR manager. But on the day of their engagement, a rival within the company deliberately causes an accident to get rid of Tian Qi. He survives the accident but loses his memory. When Liu Xiao Bei, a plucky country girl who dreams of a better life in the big city, finds Tian Qi, she takes him home to live with her family and he begins to go by the name Xiao Yu. After Tian Qi’s disappearance, Zhi Qing is comforted by Ji Ru Feng, the hotel celebrity spokesperson who has always liked her. As Tian Qi is increasingly drawn to the plucky Zhi Qing, will he be able to regain his memory and return to his previous life?

When Love Walked In 2012

Qin Yu Jiang was under orders to look for the chairman's long-lost granddaughter, who turns out to be Shen Ya Yin, a girl treated like Cinderella in her aunt's home. What happens next is a love story that makes people laugh and cry.

A Mobile Love Story

A Mobile Love Story is a twenty-one episode Chinese Romance Idol Drama starring Taiwanese heartthrob Wallace Huo and Mainland singer-actress Han Xue with Singapore superstars Christopher Lee and Yvonne Lim. This series is a collaboration between China's CCTV and Singapore's Mediacorp Network.

Love Legend of the Tang Dynasty

Love Legend of the Tang Dynasty, also known as Da Tang Qing Shi, is a Chinese historical television series with the Tang Dynasty's Princess Gaoyang, a daughter of Emperor Taizong, as the central character. The series was directed by Gong Ruofei, starring Tang Guoqiang, Shen Aojun, Nie Yuan, Zhang Tong, Pan Yueming, Pan Yaowu, and Qin Lan. It was first broadcast in mainland China in 2001.

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