Pride Bushido 8 2005

Pride Bushido 8 was a mixed martial arts event held by Pride Fighting Championships. It took place at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in Nagoya, Japan on July 17, 2005. Under BUSHIDO rules, matches are 2 rounds only.

Pride Bushido 8 2005

Pride Bushido 8 was a mixed martial arts event held by Pride Fighting Championships. It took place at the Nagoya Rainbow Hall in Nagoya, Japan on July 17, 2005.

8 Simple Rules 2002

What happens to a loving, rational Dad when his darling, pliable daughters morph into hormonally-challenged, incomprehensible teenagers? If he's Paul Hennessy, he reacts in ways even he finds crazy. Thank God he has a 13-year-old son who still speaks his language.

Sense8 2015

One gunshot, one death, one moment out of time that irrevocably links eight minds in disparate parts of the world, putting them in each other's lives, each other's secrets, and in terrible danger. Ordinary people suddenly reborn as "Sensates."

CAT. 8 2013

When a breakthrough in global defense malfunctions, the result is a fireball four times the size of Earth streaking toward the planet. As fires blaze and panic spreads, a renegade scientist comes to the world’s rescue.

8 out of 10 Cats 2005

8 Out of 10 Cats is a British television comedy panel game produced by Zeppotron for Channel 4. It was first broadcast on 3 June 2005. The show is based on statistics and opinion polls, and draws on polls produced by a variety of organizations and new polls commissioned for the programme, carried out by company Harris Poll. The show's title is derived from a well-known advertising tagline for Whiskas cat food, which originally claimed that "8 out of 10 cats prefer Whiskas".

Detroit 1-8-7 2010

Detroit 1-8-7 is an American police procedural series about Detroit's leading homicide unit, created by Jason Richman for ABC. It features an ensemble cast of actors including Michael Imperioli and James McDaniel. The series originally ran on ABC from September 21, 2010 to March 20, 2011. The show's executive producer, David Zabel stated, "This is a crime show but we will explore various nooks and crannies in the communities and within that context there's a lot of opportunity to see what's positive in the city and see what's heroic about the people fighting for what’s best for the city of Detroit." The 1-8-7 of the title is a specific reference to the California Penal Code designation for homicide, which has become a slang term for murder. The Michigan Penal Code designations for the various forms of homicide begin at 750. On May 13, 2011, Detroit 1-8-7 was canceled by ABC. With the cancellation, series creator Jason Richman has said he is pursuing options for the series to continue on cable television, also stating that chances for the move are "slim". The DVD set for the series was released on August 30, 2011.

8 Man After 1993

Private detective Hazama Itsuru is hired by Professor Tani to investigate a cyborg parts theft which eventually leads him to meet Sachiko Yokogawa, the original 8 Man's love interest. Living her new life working for the Biotecho Corp., Sachiko finds herself involved with a new 8 Man, who appears after Hazama is fatally wounded by an unknow cyborg. Amidst a violent urban background with cyber-junkies creating chaos around the city, this other 8 Man will fight criminals in a more agressive way.

Rescue 8 1958

Rescue 8 is a syndicated American action drama series about Los Angeles County Fire Department Rescue Squad 8. It premiered in 1958 and originally ran for two seasons with syndicated reruns continuing for almost a decade thereafter. It starred Jim Davis as fireman Wes Cameron, much later cast as Jock Ewing on CBS's Dallas, and Lang Jeffries as the fireman Skip Johnson. Nancy Rennick and Mary K. Cleary each appeared in twenty-four episodes as Patty Johnson and Susan Johnson, the wife and daughter, respectively of Skip Johnson. The series was produced by Screen Gems, with directors Dann Cahn and William Witney. Rescue 8 produced seventy-four half-hour episodes. The real Los Angeles County Fire Department Station 8 is at 7643 West Santa Monica Boulevard in West Hollywood, California. Rescue 8 shows more physically oriented rescues than the later, similar television series Emergency!, as firemen were not then trained as paramedics but acquired the expanded role in the early 1970s.

Kate Plus 8 2010

Kate returns with the kids! Join Kate and the kids on new adventures - from activities at home to exciting field trips, experience all the fun with the family.

Outback 8

Outback 8 is a show that aired on Network Ten in Australia and BBC in the UK in 2008. The show consisted of 4 children from the UK and 4 children from Australia. The show is set at the Agricultural Training College in Longreach, Queensland. The show is made up of 13 episodes and commenced on 22 September 2008 and ran every Monday for 13 weeks

Pawnshop #8

Pawnshop #8 is a Taiwanese television series produced in 2003 and focusing on two characters who share ownership on a pawnshop. The supernatural-tinged show currently airs on ImaginAsian in the United States. Critically acclaimed and well received in numerous Asian countries, especially Mainland China, Pawnshop No. 8 blends elements of Western religions such as Christianity excellently with pre-modern and modern Chinese society. The main theme of the Pawnshop No. 8 is that of love, with the main background of the eternal conflict between Heaven and Hell, good and evil, God and Satan. After being bested by the Creator and his unfallen angels countless eons past, Satan, now banished from Paradise and desperate for vengeance, devised a pawnshop to lure mainly Chinese customers, seeking to capture all of humanity's souls for Darkness to reign supreme, coercing random humans whose souls were bent towards his own and whom could perceive his presence to serve as his minions, the owner of the pawnshop and their assistant. To counter Satan's nefarious strategies, God sent angels in the forms of humans, to help the targeted humans brave through the temptations of Satan and use their own power and will to defeat the Enemy's lure. However, the human force of love turns both God and Satan's plans to both good and ill, and complicates the structure of the Great Game much more than expected...

Dara O Briain's Go 8 Bit 2016

Gaming enthusiast Dara O Briain presides over the mayhem as two stars join team captains – gaming geek Steve McNeil and gaming cynic Sam Pamphilon – to battle each other at their favourite computer games.

10-8: Officers on Duty 2003

10-8: Officers on Duty is an American police drama television series. The series aired on ABC from September 28, 2003 to January 11, 2004. The title is in reference to the ten-code for "officer in service and available for calls."

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