The Haunted Mansion 2003

Workaholic Jim Evers and his wife/business partner, Sara get a call one night from mansion owner, Edward Gracey wants to sell his house. Once the Evers family arrive at the mansion a butler takes them to dine with Gracey. Gracey takes one look at Sara and he thinks she's his lost lover.

The Mansion 2017

A band of students comes to celebrate the New Year in an old manor house isolated from everything. But soon after their arrival, strange events disrupt the atmosphere, before the party turns squarely to the nightmare ...

The Telling 2009

In this horror anthology film, three girls pledge the most popular - and cruelest - sorority on campus. For their final task, they must tell the scariest story they know. Containing three distinct stories - one featuring a murderous doll, one a has-been actress and her run in with a film crew of the undead and, finally, a hunt-and-kill fright-fest.

Cthulhu Mansion 1991

An aging magician harboring a terrible occult secret and his daughter are taken hostage in their isolated mansion by teenage scumbags need- ing a place to hide out. When the captors refuse to listen to the magician's dire warning to release him unharmed, the mansion slowly releases its nightmare of horrors on the unsuspecting invaders.

The Mansion Cat 2001

The owner of a large house tells Tom he's going away for a while, the house is in perfect shape, and that he doesn't want Tom blaming "the mouse" (who's a family pet, in a cage) this time. Of course, this means Tom will spend most of the picture chasing Jerry around the house, causing extensive damage. Among the sequences: Jerry shoves Tom into a VCR, then shelves the resulting cassette-sized cat; Tom traps Jerry in a coffeemaker; Jerry traps Tom in a refrigerator, and he comes out again in ice cubes; Jerry sucks Tom and half the living room into a vacuum cleaner; Tom chases Jerry through the yard and into the house on a riding lawn mower. At the end, he crashes the mower into his owner's returning car, and is told he makes a better hood ornament than a house cat.

Murder Mansion 1972

A couple, lost in thick fog, take refuge in an old mansion next to a cemetery. Strange things start to happen

Mansion of the Doomed 1976

An insane surgeon finds himself up to his armpits in eyeballs after guilt prompts him to begin removing the eyes of abducted people in hopes of performing transplants on his daughter who lost her own in a car-accident he caused.

Haunted Mansion 2015

A group of high school students who are spending the night in a old mansion. When they learn that the house is haunted they set to look out for ghosts just for fun , but they find out soon enough that the urban legends are real.

Black Rose Mansion 1969

A feverishly perverse 1969 film noir oddity starring female impersonator Akihiro Maruyama. When wealthy Kyohei hires singer "Black Rose" to perform in his exclusive men's club, he gets more than he bargains for when she attracts scores of homicidal past lovers. The film takes a bizarre twist when Kyohei's son falls victim to the femme fatale's unique charm.

The Mansion of Madness 1973

The inmates of an insane asylum take over the institution, imprison the doctors and staff, and then put into play their own ideas of how the place should be run.

Haunted Mansion 1998

Married couple Gigi (Gigi Lai) and Fai (Anthony Wong) find themselves heading home to Gigi’s mother’s Yuen Long estate, instead of Japan as intended, for their annual vacation, as shifty property developers have been trying to oust Mum (Helena Law) and sister Fen (Shirley Cheung) from the family home. While Gigi struggles with mysterious stomach cramps, Fai and Fen have their own share of hassles with ghosts and ghostly possession.

Sorg Mansion 2014

Sorg Mansion: The Grande Dame of Middletown is a beautiful lady at age 125. She sits vacant now with many great memories of days gone by....the elegant meetings and parties. It's a story of the Paul John Sorg and Sam Finkelman families starting back in 1840. The Sorg family emigrated from Germany and the Finkelman family came from Russia.

Executive Mansion 1897

Traffic of pedestrians, carts and trams on a Washington avenue.

Ghost Mansion 1987

The S.W.A.T trainees are living in a haunted house.

The Mansion 2006

The past never dies.. Moving into somewhere new is never easy, but for Saikaew, a country girl new in the big city and attending Bangkok University, it can be deadly... When strange apparitions begin to manifest around her and her new surroundings, Saikaew's friends Mam and Pang, begin to suspect the evil lurking and inhabiting the mansion behind certain room doors and uncover forgotten truths that may explain the paranormal events localized around the mansion. Bit as the evil becomes stronger and begins to attach itself to Saikawew, can Mam and Pang reveal the horrible truth before it is too late, and Saikaew becomes a permanent resident of... The Mansion?

1313: Nightmare Mansion 2011

Six high school students, WILL, CHARLIE, BARTOK, TODD, STEVIE and LINDA, are handed invitations to a party by the school’s mysterious and enigmatic new student, SADDLER. However, once they enter Saddler’s house, they are each somehow magically transported to a different room, where Saddler reveals their innermost guilty secrets and desires through the use of black magic and exploits them in an attempt to resurrect his mother, a three-hundred year old witch.

Sangaree 1953

Lamas plays an indentured servant who rises to power in Georgia shortly after the Revolutionary War.

Mansion of the Living Dead 1982

Four strippers take a vacation and wind up at a Spanish resort complex that, despite the hotel receptionist's claims of it being fully booked, appears to be completely empty. After one of the girls mysteriously vanishes and another ends up dead in the pool, both accompanied by the tolling bell from a nearby monastery, Candy and Caty must try to solve the mystery that seems to involve the Spanish Inquisition.

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