The Book of Sand

Adaptation of Jorge Luis Borges The Book of Sand. The film is built from stop motion photographs to create a living stop motion. The film is part of a project produced by The Everyman Theatre in Liverpool.

Spartacus 2010

Spartacus is an American television series inspired by the historical figure of Spartacus, a Thracian gladiator who from 73 to 71 BCE led a major slave uprising against the Roman Republic departing from Capua.

Heavy Sand 2008

Tyazhely Pesok / Heavy Sand follows an Ukrainian Jewish family over 30 years against the backdrop of dramatic events in the Soviet Union in the first half of the 20th century: WWI, the Bolshevik revolution, the pogroms in Ukraine, the Stalinist repression, WWII and Nazi occupation, the ghetto and annihilation. It is ultimately a story about human nature, about the triumph of love against all odds (e.g. despite the seemingly incompatible backgrounds of the two lovers, Rakhil and Jakov) and of its resilience over time and circumstance. It is about family bonds, about human altruism, dignity and courage. Also about cruelty and the holocaust, a tribute to the Jews that suffered and to the non-Jews who were willing to risk their own lives to help them. The acting is generally outstanding, as is the filming and the music. Attention to historical detail is exquisite (clothes, decors, culture…). The script departs substantially from Rybakov's novel, on which the film is based, bringing in some different characters and scenes. I guess this was partly unavoidable, because of the novel's narrative approach, compared to the need for dialogues in the film, which had to be made up. The series is, in my opinion, not without flaws. It combines some truly moving scenes with others that left me wondering what the point was, and thinking that 16 episodes were not needed after all. Although the characters' complexity rings true, some of the scenes seem implausible. Plus the 2 main characters hardly age throughout the film, everybody speaks Russian everywhere… While the film captures much of the spirit of the book, it is weaker in many respects, including in its portrayal of Jewish suffering. Needless to say, I preferred the book, but this is almost always so. Provided you are not looking for 100% accurate history, nor 100% Rybakov's novel you may, like me, be left with a very positive overall impression. (From IMDB: [email protected])

Sand Masters 2011

Sand Masters is an American reality-television series that premiered on June 1, 2011 on the Travel Channel. The show follows a team of sand sculptors as they travel to various locales to create elaborate sand structures for their business clients. The first two episodes of the series aired on Wednesdays at 10pm, but it was moved to Sundays at 7pm EST. Season two is set to air on Thursday April 5, 2012 at 9pm EST.

Footprints in the Sand

Footprints in the Sand 《足印》 is a Malaysian television series co-produced by Double Vision and ntv7. It is aired every Monday to Thursday, at 10:00pm on Malaysia's ntv7. This drama started airing on 19 April 2011 on the Malaysian channel.

The Secret of Cerulean Sand 2002

Secret of Cerulean Sand is a 26-episode anime TV series. It is about Jane Buxton, a 15-year-old English girl, a visionary ahead of her time who dreams of building a flying machine. The series documents her journey through the Near East to find her brother. It is set in the late 19th century where impossible technologies such as landships and "floating liquid" exist side by side in this exciting steampunk world. The series is loosely based on two works by Jules Verne; his posthumous 1919 novel The Barsac Mission as well as his 1896 novel Facing the Flag.

Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers 1974

Paul Sand in Friends and Lovers is a 1974-1975 United States comedic television series starring Paul Sand which centers around a musician in Boston, Massachusetts, and his personal relationships. It was Sand's only starring role in a television series. The show aired from September 14, 1974, to January 4, 1975.

Where the Sky Meets the Sand 2013

Fah Jarot Sai is a love story set in the desert between a mixed Thai girl named Michelle and Sharif, a royal officer in the made-up kingdom of Hinfara. Michelle is a mixed orphaned girl who grew up in a convent. When she graduated from school, she followed her best friend Kasfiya to a distant desert kingdom called Hinfara to teach. As soon as they get there, Kasfiya is assigned to the palace to be a lady of the court (i.e. concubine) for King Admed, the ruler of Hinfara. It was foretold by the Royal fortune teller that the woman who will give birth to King Admed’s heir has arrived to Hinfara. Because she already had a lover and the misconception that Michelle was trying to steal her French lover Robert, Kasifya devises a plan to make Michelle her substitute. Following traditional custom of the land, Sharif, the King’s beloved friend/ royal officer will delivery that woman to King Admed. On the night of the delivery of Michelle to King Admed, Oman, a younger relative of King Admed, created a rebellious uprising and had King Admed executed in front of Sharif. Sharif was very devastated by the lost, he fought with the rebel army and fled with Michelle into the wide and open desert. Together Sharif and Michelle had to face the dry harsh elements of the desert landscape as they were being hunted down by Oman’s rebel army. Being together alone and experiencing the difficulties of the desert together, the two began to sympathized with each other. Sympathy and understanding turned into Love. However, their love faced an obstacle because Sharif’s duty to save the throne of Hinfara and to make the kingdom peaceful again.

Sandokan 1976

In this mini-series in six parts from 1976 the Indian actor Kabir Bedi plays the lead role. Carol Andre plays Lady Marianna Guillonk and as Sandokans best friend Yanez de Gomera we see Phillipe Leroy. The noble prince Sandokan is a fighter of the first rank who are cruel to their enemies, but always loyal to his friends.

Sandro de América 2018

Sandro de América is a series of Argentine biographical, musical, dramatic and romantic television broadcasted by Telefe and produced by The Magic Eye, starring Antonio Grimau, Marco Antonio Caponi and Agustín Sullivan, who will perform the famous Argentine singer and composer Sandro en different stages of his life. The series has 13 episodes and debuted on March 5, 2018, broadcasting Monday through Thursday, over three weeks, as a "unique event" television.

The Larry Sanders Show 1992

Comic Garry Shandling draws upon his own talk show experiences to create the character of Larry Sanders, a paranoid, insecure host of a late night talk show. Larry, along with his obsequious TV sidekick Hank Kingsley and his fiercely protective producer Artie, allows Garry Shandling and his talented writers to look behind the scenes and to show us a convincing slice of behind the camera life.

Unser Sandmännchen 1959 - 1998

The Sandman's everyday life, travels and fantastic adventures. The character often showcased socialist technological achievements, such as the use of awe-inspiring vehicles like futuristic cars and flying devices. Together with his friends, Pittiplatsch, Schnatterinchen, the dog Moppi, Herr Fuchs and Frau Elster. Premiered in DFF on November 22, 1959.

Colin's Sandwich 1988

Colin's Sandwich is a British sitcom broadcast on BBC2 in 1988 and 1990 which stars Mel Smith as Colin Watkins, a British Rail clerk who aspired to be a horror writer. The show was written by Paul Smith and Terry Kyan and ran for two series of six episodes. In the second series, Colin manages to achieve some small successes as a writer.

The Sandbaggers 1978

The Sandbaggers is a British television drama series about men and women on the front lines of the Cold War. Set contemporaneously with its original broadcast on ITV in 1978 and 1980, The Sandbaggers examines the effect of the espionage game on the personal and professional lives of British and American intelligence specialists.

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