The Christmas Star 1986

Horace McNickle (Edward Asner) is a two-time felon serving prison time for counterfeiting. On the week before Christmas, he escapes from prison dressed as Santa Claus due to his uncanny resemblence to St. Nick resulting from his long white beard and heavyset features. McNickle hides out from the police in a nearby suburban neighborhood where he is befriended and helped by two local children who think he is the real Santa Claus. McNickle takes advantage of the kids naive ness to help him get his counterfeit money hidden somewhere in a local department store while he develops kind-hearted feelings for his two con victims that make him slowly understand the true nature of Christmas.

WordWorld: The Christmas Star 2008

It's the night before Christmas and Frog needs a star to hang on his Christmas tree. Duck thinks this will be the perfect present for Frog and tries to lasso one out of the sky for him. Try as he might, Duck is unable to catch a star for Frog and cries himself to sleep

VeggieTales: The Star of Christmas 2002

Bob the Tomato and Larry the Cucumber appear as Cavis Appythart and Millward Phelps, respectively--two jingle writers based loosely on Gilbert and Sullivan. The setting is 1880s London, and they've written a musical called "The Princess and the Plumber", which they plan to open on Christmas Eve. Cavis thinks the production will "teach London how to love". But children at nearby St. Bart's Church are planning a nativity play for the same evening, and they plan to feature the Star of Christmas, a religious artifact unseen by the public for decades. The London Post Gazette writes a front-page story about the nativity play and the Star, and Cavis and Millward hatch a plan to make their musical better than the children's play. In the end, they learn about the true meaning of Christmas.

George and the Christmas Star 1985

George cuts out a paper star to top his Christmas tree but, dissatisfied, decides to go for the real thing - an unusually bright star that seems to beckon him from the sky.

Larry the Cable Guy's Star-Studded Christmas Extravaganza 2008

Celebrate the season in redneck style with Larry and his pals in his second annual Christmas special. Joining him are co-host Tony Orlando and a diverse roster of special guests including fellow Blue Collar comics Jeff Foxworthy and Bill Engvall, plus Jay Leno, Lewis Black, Terry Bradshaw, Toby Keith, and more. Featuring hilarious sketches, pre-taped segments and musical performances, the show is an homage to/parody of '70s holiday specials. "We had so much fun last year we thought we'd try doing it every year," says Larry. "Lucky for us, CMT liked it too."

Journey to the Christmas Star 2012

13 year old kind-hearted Sonja arrives at a tiny village together with a company of bandits. But there is a curse on the village. A long time ago, the King’s only daughter Goldhair disappeared while searching for the Christmas Star. The Queen died of a broken heart, leaving the shattered King all on his own. From that day on, the King cursed the Christmas Star, thereby causing darkness and grief to descend upon the land. However, an old sage has revealed that Goldhair is still alive, and will return only if the King finds the way back to the Christmas Star. Ever since, the King has been searching for the Christmas Star every Christmas, but all in vain.

Christmas Night with the Stars

Christmas Night with the Stars was a television show broadcast each Christmas night by the BBC from 1958 to 1972 and also revived in 1994. The show was hosted each year by a leading star of BBC TV and featured specially made short seasonal editions of the previous year's most popular BBC sitcoms and light entertainment programs. The show was voted 24th in the Channel 4 100 Greatest Christmas Moments. Most of the variety segments no longer exist. ITV countered with its own annual Christmas variety show from 1969 to 1973, while the BBC itself resurrected the format in 1982 with a special titled The Funny Side of Christmas. In December 2004 the BBC did a one-off special hosted by Michael Parkinson.

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