The Gospel According to Jesus

For Christians of all stripes, the gospels are rich with messages and wisdom. They're also rife with historical significance, giving readers insight into the politics and pressures of ancient times. But for most, they simply provide much-needed guidance for murky lives and hectic times. Join Maya Angelou, Deepak Chopra, Ram Dass, Erica Jong, Norman Lear, Susan Sarandon and Tim Robbins as they discuss and read from the spiritual text.

Life of Brian 1979

Brian Cohen is an average young Jewish man, but through a series of ridiculous events, he gains a reputation as the Messiah. When he's not dodging his followers or being scolded by his shrill mother, the hapless Brian has to contend with the pompous Pontius Pilate and acronym-obsessed members of a separatist movement. Rife with Monty Python's signature absurdity, the tale finds Brian's life paralleling Biblical lore, albeit with many more laughs.

The Visual Bible: Matthew 1993

The only dramatization using the actual scriptures...word for word from the New International Version (NIV). The Matthew video series broke new ground by offering the first-ever dramatic portrayal of events in the Bible, presented word for word from the best-selling New International Version® (NIV) translation. Now you can experience this thrilling epic in DVD format, which blends the superior digital surround sound of CDs with crisp, high-resolution digital images.


Jesus is a Biblical telefilm that retells the story of Jesus. It was shot in Morocco and Malta. It stars Jeremy Sisto as Jesus, Jacqueline Bisset as Mary of Nazareth, Debra Messing as Mary Magdalene and Gary Oldman as Pontius Pilate.

Jesus of Nazareth 1977

Jesus of Nazareth is a 1977 British-Italian television miniseries co-written and directed by Franco Zeffirelli which dramatizes the birth, life, ministry, crucifixion, and resurrection of Jesus largely according the Christian Bible's New Testament Gospels. It stars Robert Powell as Jesus. The miniseries features an all star cast of famous American and European actors, including seven Oscar winners. Extra-biblical traditions were used in the writing of the screenplay and some characters and situations were invented for the film for brevity or dramatic purposes. Notably, Jesus of Nazareth depicts Judas Iscariot as a well-intentioned man initially, but later as a dupe of Zerah who betrays Jesus largely as a result of Zerah's false platitudes and pretexts. However, in accordance with the Gospels, the film depicts Nicodemus and Joseph of Arimathea as sympathetic members of the Sanhedrin. Many of the miracles of Jesus, such as the changing of water into wine at the wedding at Cana, the transfiguration, and the calming of the storm are not depicted, although Jesus healing the blind man and the crippled woman on Sabbath, the feeding of the multitude, and the raising of Lazarus from the dead are.

Black Jesus 2014

A TV series finds Jesus living in present day Compton, CA on a daily mission to spread love and kindness throughout the neighborhood with the help of his small but loyal group of downtrodden followers.

The Miracles of Jesus 2014

The Miracles of Jesus (I and II), a series based on biblical texts, is another successful release by Record TV Network. Thrilling stories are presented, with captivating plots about the struggles biblical characters are confronted with. Each episode seeks to give teachings of love, hope, courage and perseverance from people who, through faith, received the MIRACLES OF JESUS. The first season has 18 episodes that portray some of the most well-known miracles of Jesus, such as: The Marvelous Fishing, The Hunchback Woman, The Leper of Ginosar, The Cure of the Dry Hand, The Possessed Of Gerasa, The Cure Of The Centurion’s Servant, The Impure Woman, The Handicapped of Bethesda’s Tank, The Hydropic Man, The Daughter of Jairus, The Cure of the Deaf from Decapolis, The Cure of the Born Blind, The Resurrection of the Widow’s Son, The Blind from Jericho, The Cure of the Paralytic from Capernaum, The Cure of the Possessed Boy, The Ten Leper and Miracles in Ginosar. The series’ second season brings 17 new and moving stories of common people who met someone far from common: The King’s Officer’s Son is Healed, The Anointing of Jesus’ Feet, Miracles at the Sea Shore, The Possessed, Blind and Mute Man, The Canaanite Woman, The Blind Man of Bethsaida, The Publican and the Rich Young Ruler, Feeding the Multitude, The Samaritan Woman - Part I, The Samaritan Woman – Part II, The Possessed Man of Capernaum, The Adulterous Woman, Lazarus’ Resurrection, The Healing of the High Priest’s Servant, Barabbas, The Two Thieves and The Crucifixion.

The Hidden Story of Jesus 2007

The Hindu god, Krishna, was conceived by a virgin and his birth was attended by angels, wise men and shepherds. Buddha was also the result of a miraculous birth, and was visited by wise men bearing gifts. He too began his ministry at about 30 years old and performed such miracles as walking on water and feeding 500. Some people in India believe that Jesus did not die on the cross but escaped from Roman Palestine and ended up in Kashmir. There, they say, he continued to preach, had a wife and child, and later died and was buried. Jesus was, of course, born a Jew, and Christians believe he is the Messiah prophesied in the Torah – the Old Testament, which is the holy scripture of the Jews. Meanwhile Muslims revere Jesus as a prophet but do not believe he died on the cross; instead, according to Islam, God saved him and took him up to heaven, and he will return and be buried next to Muhammed. In this Channel 4 Christmas Day programme, Robert Beckford attempts to unravel the mystery of why there are so many versions of the Christ story across the world and asks which is the real one, and where this leaves the Christian story and his own belief in Jesus.

Jesus: The Complete Story 2004

Jesus has been the source of faith to billions, the cause of a thousand wars, and the subject of countless works of art and music. But who was he – a rebel, a prophet or something much more? Join experts as they reconstruct the life of Jesus using archaeology, history and science. Through re-enactments set in Israel/Palestine and computer generated backgrounds, relive the main events of his life and death. For the first time, experts strip away the layers of history that cover almost every biblical site – revealing the Jerusalem, Bethlehem and Nazareth that Jesus himself would have known.

Jesus of Rome 2017

An examination of the Roman power politics that may have resulted in the crucifixion of Jesus.

Teresa de Jesús

Teresa de Jesús is a 1984 film mini-series that premiered on Spanish television in 1984. It presents the life of Teresa of Avila, a Spanish saint, mystic, and doctor of the Roman Catholic Church. Its dialogue is in Spanish, but versions with English subtitles are available. The film stars Concha Velasco as Teresa. Also appearing are Gonzalo Abril as Lorenzo de Cepeda, María Massip as Juana Suárez, Francisco Rabal as Peter of Alcantara, Héctor Alterio, and Marina Saura as another nun. It tells the story of Teresa's life from age 23 until her death at age 67.

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