The Satan Killer 1993

Widowed, alcoholic cop teams up with an old private detective to catch a laughing serial killer who rides Harleys.

Psychic Killer 1975

Mental patient Arnold Masters, hospitalized for a murder he didn't commit, learns astral projection--the art of leaving one's physical body and transporting the soul someplace else--from a fellow inmate. Upon his release, Arnold uses his new powers to bump off the people he holds responsible for his arrest, his mother's death while he was imprisoned and the price of meat! Lt. Morgan and Lt. Anderson are the cops on his trail, while his caring shrink, Dr. Scott, tries to prevent any more deaths.

The Killer Inside 2014

Psychological crime series following the investigations of interrogation experts Julie Beauchemin and Maxime Moreli.

Killer Women 2014

Of all the notorious lawmen that ever patrolled the violent frontier, none are more storied than ballsy and badass Molly Parker, one of the first women to join the Texas Rangers.

Killer Instinct 2005

Killer Instinct is an American crime drama television series filmed in Vancouver that originally aired on the Fox Network. The pilot episode aired on September 23, 2005, and the final episode aired on December 2, 2005. Fox ordered 13 episodes, only nine of which were broadcast in the United States; the remaining four premiered in the UK on Five. The series also been broadcast in France, New Zealand, Croatia, Italy, Netherlands, Australia, Japan, and Poland.

Killer Wave 2007

Killer Wave is a 2007 joint American-Canadian action-thriller TV mini-series, directed by Canadian filmmaker Bruce McDonald and written by Tedi Sarafian, George Malko, William Gray.

Killer Women 2008

Mujeres Asesinas is a series that shows the dark side of women who have been mistreated or abused and become cruel murderers. The series shows how violence and death can overcome the feminine mind. Each episode shows a different story of a woman who has committed homicide. These women are motivated by multiple passions such as love, hatred, resentment, vengeance, lunacy, despair, fear, anger, addiction, salvation and redemption. Doctor Sofía Capellan and her team of experts try to solve the murders perpetrated by the women.

Killer Couples 2009

The vast majority of killers prey on their victims alone and undercover, but in a tiny number of cases, two people are drawn together to form a deadly duo. And when they do, they’re usually even more brutal and sadistic than those who murder alone. In Killer Couples, popular crime writer Mark Billingham examines four unique and mind-boggling cases.

Unmasking a Killer 2018

Viewers go inside the investigation, the case files and the mind of The Golden State Killer – a man believed to be the most prolific uncaught rapist and serial killer in the nation. With exclusive cooperation from law enforcement and survivors, the docuseries examines the historical and social ramifications of The Golden State Killer’s reign of terror, explore the advances in forensic technology, and highlight the legal changes to our justice system that his crime spree spurred.

Killer Kids 2011

Killer Kids is an American Canadian Documentary series. The show formerly plays on The Biography Channel and is now on LMN.

Killer Net 1998

Students get involved in a violent Internet-based game, around the same time as a series of murders - is there a connection?

Code of a Killer 2015

Based on the extraordinary true story of Alec Jeffreys' discovery of DNA fingerprinting and its first use by Detective Chief Superintendent David Baker in catching a double murderer.

It Takes a Killer 2016

Some of the world’s most notorious murders are the subject of “It Takes a Killer,” which investigates the crimes from the perspective of the killers, trying to get inside their minds and determine their motives. Leading homicide investigators and experts from such agencies as the FBI and Scotland Yard take a look at the evidence pulled from crime scenes and profile the killer’s behavior to try to piece together the details of each murder, explaining when, why and how each criminal committed the crime. For the wannabe detectives watching the show, the experts also reveal how the crime was solved — which often requires authorities to think like a killer.

Wu Xin: The Monster Killer 2015

Wu Xin is an immortal who doesn't know where he was from, how long he lived, or what he is. He wanders the earth with no purpose in life and no money. During one of his destitute spells, he meets Yue Ya who gives him her last morsel of food. To repay her kindness and get more food in their stomach, he decides to capitalize his only skill set: Killing monsters. They begin a wondrous and often dangerous adventure of fighting supernatural evil, one paying customer at a time.

The Golden State Killer: It's Not Over 2018

He's the most prolific serial predator in California history, but remains mostly unknown. His reign of terror began in the 1970s, but the fear lingers today. Who is The Golden State Killer? Investigators past and present are committed to finding out.

Killer Women with Piers Morgan 2016

Piers Morgan travels through the southern states of Texas and Florida to meet some of America's most notorious female murderers. Piers' journey of discovery is aimed at gaining a full understanding of three complex cases. He ventures behind bars to come face to face with women who have carried out the most unspeakable crimes in a quest to discover what drove these women to kill and investigate the truth behind each case.

Killer Contact

Killer Contact is an upcoming American paranormal television series on Syfy that was scheduled to debut on July 16, 2013. The series features a group of researchers who investigate reported paranormal activity around the world. Several press releases regarding Syfy's upcoming programming have not mentioned the series, nor has a new premiere date been announced.

Killer Karaoke 2012

Killer Karaoke is an American game show on truTV. The series debuted on November 23, 2012 and series features contestants attempting to sing in front of a live studio audience while various attempts are made to disrupt their performances. It is based on the British game show Sing If You Can. The program is presented by Jackass star Steve-O with Twisted Sister frontman Dee Snider as the announcer. It was announced on September 16, 2013, that the series has been renewed for an eight-episode second season with Mark McGrath replacing Steve-O as host. Season 2 will premiere in early 2014.

Killer Girl K 2011

Cha Yeon Jin is a high school girl whose outwardly normal existence and reticent character masks her true identity: she is a professional assassin who is seeking vengeance for her mother after watching her killed in front of her eyes. She infiltrates SS1, the secret organization that her mother was connected to, by becoming one of their killers, all the while trying to track down her mother's murderer.

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